When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you probably have many questions when thinking about adoption. We are here to help you talk through those questions. We, at the Ramona Women’s Clinic, can refer you to trusted adoption agencies that will help facilitate your adoption.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to speak to someone about adoption and get more information about the agencies we refer to.


CONTACT US!  We can help you through any questions you have.


  • Are you currently using drugs or have used them recently?
  • Are you living in temporary housing or unstable situation?
  • Do you have major life goals that parenting a child would interrupt?
  • Are you having trouble providing for yourself financially?
  • Are you or have you been in an abusive relationship?

If you answered YES to any of the above, adoption may be a good option for you.

We at the Ramona Women’s Clinic are available to help you navigate through these issues so if you have any questions or concerns about adoption, please CONTACT US.