So you think she might be pregnant.

Many couples who experience an unexpected pregnancy are faced with fear and doubt about how to handle it. Fear of the future may lead you to believe the only option is to terminate the pregnancy. But do you have all the facts?

1) How do you know she is REALLY pregnant? Missed period? Store-bought pregnancy test?

– At the Ramona Women’s Clinic, we offer FREE lab-quality pregnancy tests. These tests are 99% accurate.

2) Even if the test is positive, did you know that the pregnancy may end naturally?

– About 1 in 5 of all pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage without any medical intervention.

3) Did you know an abortion does not necessarily mean the pregnancy has actually been terminated?

– Not all pregnancies are even capable of being aborted. She must have an intrauterine (“within the uterus”) pregnancy. In other words, a woman could get an abortion procedure and still actually be pregnant! To determine IF she has a intrauterine AND viable pregnancy, Ramona Women’s Clinic offers FREE ULTRASOUNDS to women who receive a positive pregnancy test result.

4) Do you know about abortion methods, at what stage of pregnancy they are performed, and how they can affect your partner’s physical and emotional health?

– If you are thinking about abortion, it is very important to be educated about the abortion methods that are used at the various stages of pregnancy so you and your partner can consider the risks and make an informed choice.


5) Do you know you have OPTIONS?

– As parents, you have choices: abortion, adoption, or parenting. To learn more about these options, please click HERE.

As the father, you may have additional questions and concerns but you don’t know how to get the answers you need. This can cause tension, stress, and anxiety. The following recommendations can help guide you through the decision making process with your partner:

Ways you can HELP her and yourself:

– STAY CALM: many couples have faced this and there are resources, options, and assistance available. There is no need to panic or act impulsively because of fear.

– LISTEN: listen to HER and listen to YOURSELF. You BOTH need support and listening to each other can keep the lines of communication open. You and your partner can make the best decisions when you are working together.

– ASK QUESTIONS: Get involved and get the facts! Seek out quality resources and support who can offer well rounded and useful information. Talking about your situation with others can ease the stress and educate you about the best course of action. Doing this together with your partner is all the more helpful.

We at the Ramona Women’s Clinic would be happy to speak with you and your partner about your circumstances and how we can assist you. All of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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