There’s undoubtedly been moments in your life that you didn’t know how you would ever overcome. In that moment, those challenges might have seemed to collapse your framework of life, but despite odds being against your favor, you came out stronger than ever before. As a woman, you have surpassed many challenging experiences and come out the end of the tunnel with a new perspective. Whether a situation is unplanned, unexpected, or unwanted, you always find a way to overcome and push your way through. Don’t doubt that capability now in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. As individuals, we sometimes have an inability to see how far we have come, from taking our first step, to learning how to drive. We always find a way to push forward and achieve hard things in our lives. 

The easiest way to realize your power is to look back at how you dealt with those situations in the past. Most of us break down whatever process we must learn and apply the steps incrementally to learn and have growth. With motherhood, it is the same. Whether you’re afraid of what’s to come or lack confidence, you can always consider your feelings first and foremost before consulting anyone else. Sit and think about how having a child makes you feel and then vocalize fears or concerns with someone who you can trust that will provide insightful information. If you don’t feel like you have anyone who will listen or really want to help you, realize that you have all the power and resources you need at your disposal, as easy as a phone call away. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those you love. If someone won’t support you or lend a hand, just remember that there are many people out there that will gladly help. Resources are available, not only online, but in person as well.

Ramona Women’s Clinic is a place to talk about your pregnancy in an environment where there is no financial gain to be earned. This environment will allow you to process your feelings without pressure. Don’t ever forget there are always people who want to help you accomplish great things in your life and take back power into your own hands. You are more than capable and you can do this!