Abortion’s impact on mental health is a controversial topic because each woman’s experience is unique. However, experts agree that at least some women experience negative mental health impacts after an abortion.

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Here are some important facts to note if you’re wondering how an abortion might affect you mentally.

1. Certain Risk Factors Make Negative Mental Health Impacts After Abortion More Likely.

Professionals have discovered that certain risk factors make women more likely to experience negative mental health impacts after an abortion.

These risk factors include:

  • Feeling pressured to abort
  • Having existing mental health issues
  • Not giving sufficient attention to maternal desires
  • Having conflicting moral beliefs.

2. There Is Evidence of Prolonged or Delayed Grief Reactions.

An analysis of blogs written by female study participants showed that, for some, grief reactions grow or surface as time goes by. Their emotions have primarily manifested as feelings of grief.

This study shows that women’s emotional responses to their abortions or pregnancy losses could be delayed or last for decades.

3. Abortion Raises the Risk of Negative Mental Health Issues.

A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry discovered that there is an 81% increased risk of mental health problems after an abortion. Ten percent of the mental health problems were directly attributable to abortion.

You Are the Best Predictor of How You May React.

There are no studies that can tell you exactly how you will react to an abortion experience. It’s complicated and deeply personal.

However, you know yourself and your mental health history. How do you think an abortion may affect you?

It’s essential to consider your mental health and well-being before making an abortion decision.

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