It’s common knowledge to understand a pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, and is divided into three trimesters; however it’s less common to understand what each stage of one’s pregnancy signifies and means until one finds themself neck deep in symptoms and google searches. So let’s briefly explore each trimester and their significance to you and baby.


First Trimester: weeks 5-14

While your body is battling morning sickness and experiencing fatigue like you’ve never known; your baby is busy developing from the size of a poppy seed to that of an orange while growing and constantly maturing their major organs. Not only is your body creating an entirely new human from scratch, but you’re also growing an entirely new organ of your own known as the placenta which will become your baby’s lifeline in the second trimester, but until then your body is expelling all of its energy towards providing a hospitable environment for so much growth… no wonder you feel drained!