Second Trimester: weeks 15-27

As you settle into the second trimester the fatigue and symptoms you’ve been plagued with should begin to fade as the placenta begins to relieve your body of the role of sole provider for the baby. In turn your energy should return, likely as will your appetite considering your baby will grow from the size of a pear to that of a cabbage during the second trimester. The gender of your sweet babe can now be seen on an ultrasound, as well as more defined facial features… all of which you can observe at your 20 week anatomy scan.


Third Trimester: weeks 28-40

The final stretch! Though your energy and pregnant glow may be traded for swelling and discomfort, every day is one day closer to meeting your babe earth side. As your belly grows at a rapid rate, so does your anticipation and excitement. Many find themselves expressing this through the natural inclination to “nest” by preparing for the baby’s arrival.  As your sweet little one undergoes the final development of their organs as well as their final growth spurt from the size of a head of lettuce to that of a pumpkin, it is important to spend your final moments prioritizing rest, self care, and time with your partner.


Fourth Trimester: weeks 1-12 postpartum

Did you realize there’s actually FOUR trimesters?!? Although it’s commonly overlooked, the fourth trimester or the postpartum period is just as integral as any other. This is a period of transition for both parents and baby; if one is not properly prepared or educated, this period can be intensely overwhelming and isolating. As your body and hormones begin to recover and attempt to regulate, you’re left with an internal wound that requires your intentional rest. Meanwhile your emotions likely have you internally battling fatigue, regulating hormones, and the challenges of being baby’s life source while feeling barely capable of providing for yourself. Take this time and the required period of rest as an opportunity to ease into this next chapter, give yourself grace, and seek support in any way you may need it. This period too shall pass; and though just as trying, it is also just beautiful and important as the trimesters that preceded, only now you have a sweet companion swaddled next to you.