You would probably be surprised at how many tests we give to women who have already taken a home pregnancy test.  Several times a month we hear the statement, “Well, I did a test at home from the dollar store, and I just do not trust the results.” 


Right now, you might be reading this wondering if you are pregnant.  Are you wondering if you will head off to the dollar store for your own home pregnancy test?  After all, it’s only a dollar!  You might be asking yourself how often an at home pregnancy test is producing a false positive or a false negative response.  You might even be wondering if you can even come up with an extra dollar for their not so expensive test.  


Even if you do buy and perform a home pregnancy from the drug store, you may still feel insecure about the results.


We do not have the answers for you about home pregnancy tests, but we can assure you that we offer lab quality pregnancy tests with a 99% accuracy.  On top of that, all of our tests and services are at no charge to you.  Added to all of that, our caring and compassionate team of staff and volunteers will make sure you are not alone to read the results of your pregnancy test.


If you do get a positive pregnancy test result at home, we can confirm it with a test in our office.  If it comes out positive in our office, we go one step further and do an ultrasound test to attempt to confirm a pregnancy so you can be sure.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.