Motherhood. One of the most powerful words and experiences. It reflects differently on each mother and is one of the most sacred journeys we will travel in life.

But what does it actually mean? What is motherhood? And what does it mean to be a mother? First, there is a simple answer to this question, but is it really? A human growing in the woman’s belly, giving birth or even adopting, saying “yes” to having a family. But, being a mother is about much more than that.

I don’t need to tell you that motherhood is hard work. It’s physically grueling, emotionally exhausting, and intellectually numbing. We who are moms know each of these challenges firsthand. One hardship we often overlook as moms is, the challenge it makes on our sense of purpose. Understanding our purpose and calling is a tricky part of being a new creation. It gets even trickier when we become a new mom.

What has motherhood taught you:

· Unconditional love is the purest, most powerful love there is

· Never say “never”

· The perfect mom doesn’t exist

· Time flies

· The simplest moments matter most

· Children will do what you do, not what you tell them

· It OK to apologize

· Ask for help and accept it

· Take care of yourself

· God always give you what you need

Motherhood is a gift from the Lord, one of the ways we can glorify and serve him (1 Tim, 5:10). It also offers many opportunities to grow in our understanding of God’s mercy, love, and grace. Motherhood is sanctifying, but it is also sweet.