While the majority of the holidays celebrated these days are so drenched in consumerism the meaning of the holiday itself is hard to decipher, the cause for celebration of Mother’s Day remains obvious. The role of a Mother is a daily die-to-self sacrificial role, day-in and day-out. From the time your feet hit the floor in the morning, until your head hits your pillow at night… and in the early years even the majority of your night revolves around nurturing and providing for your children. No matter the age of the children, the maternal instinct is to put the needs of our children before our own. We feel the weight of their emotions, their safety, and their overall well being, and we weigh them as more important than our own.

When we hear of mothers going through seasons of depression as they become empty nesters, it seems crazy as our culture has glorified the empty nest stage and the “freedom” that comes with it. However, why are we surprised that after pouring our hearts and souls into our children for the entirety of their lives, that as they leave us and practice their independence from us that we feel a loss of purpose? If we spend 18-30 years in the stage of motherhood where we don’t have to search for purpose in our day, as its there staring at us through their tiny tired eyes first thing the morning, its no wonder that when we’re finally faced with supposed freedom we won’t know what to do with it, and frankly we won’t want it.

Now, just because this role of Motherhood is rewarding and fulfilling, does not mean that it’s not hard. (To put it lightly.) And if there was a role that deserved recognition for the daily sacrifices and services made towards caring for, nurturing, and protecting, it would be that of the mothers…and technically fathers but this month is dedicated to the Mamas!

While many of us dream of Mother’s Day being a simple 24 hours where our husbands take over, no diapers, no cooking, where we get to take a nap and maybe even get a pedicure. The reality is more likely that the sacrificial role of a mother never stops, and you will still spend the ONE day dedicated to celebrating you, catering to the needs of your children. So, instead of growing embittered by our unmet expectations, let’s use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to reflect on the God-given purpose found in serving those He’s entrusted us with, and the gift that our sacrificial love is not only to our children but to us as well. He sees your sacrifices, your children see your sacrificial love, and you WILL reap the rewards of that work someday, it just may not be through a seamless and unchaotic Mother’s Day Sunday.