March is Women’s History Month and we are Ramona Women’s Clinic.  Therefore, I felt it would be perfect timing to lift each other up as women in the community.

My favorite woman in history is Mary, Queen of Scots.  I know, she is not relevant to us here today but I find her life to be one of strength and in the end, she did what she felt she needed to do to survive.  Oh, perhaps she is more relevant for today than I thought!

Lots of us today feel that all we can do is go through the motions to just survive.  I’m not talking about a crisis, I’m talking about everyday life!  You wake up, get ready for school or work, you go through the day and you hang on for dear life as you repeat the process the following day.  On occasion, there is some fun mixed in there, after all, the weekend always comes and for once you can let your hair down.  Now, let’s add a crisis in the mix, say you are now experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.  If you thought every day grind of life was a challenge, add a baby to that routine.  No doubt a challenge indeed.

Then again, you might have it all together and the everyday motions are not so stressful for you but you might know of friends who can very much relate to this possibility.  How good of a friend are you?  How can you help a friend in such a stressful situation?  By lifting her up!  Give her some of your strength and have her call us, we specialize in helping women through unexpected pregnancies.

We are women and we should stick together.  Offer a hand to someone else who is struggling.  Offer babysitting to a mom who is on her last nerve.  Take your friend out for a cup of coffee so she may share her struggles with you.  We ought to love one another and without hesitation, lift each other up!  You could be the reason your friend has something to smile about today.