Whether your pregnancy was unplanned or meticulously calculated and prayed for, this new chapter undoubtedly resembles an overwhelming roller coaster of emotions; and that can’t be blamed solely on spiked hormones. 

As if the life altering act of creating an entirely new life, while seemingly sacrificing a part of yourself wasn’t enough; it seems the list of questions, concerns and unknowns grows alongside your bump. Finding clarity among the chaos of questions can seem unattainable when your mind is in a constant jump of concerns from your changing body and baby development, to birthing and parenting; and everything in between. While we seemingly have the world of information at our fingertips, sometimes the weight of the google search and conflicting results can only heighten the preexisting anxiety. 

At The Ramona Women’s Clinic our goal is to provide clarity, guidance, and support to each individual in their own personal journey; knowing that no two pregnancies or experiences will be the same. For this reason we offer an extensive list of prenatal classes for both moms and dads. These resources offer short courses covering almost every question pertaining to pregnancy, birth, parenting, life skills, and the developmental stages throughout the first year, and even toddler years. These resources are offered through an organized online platform, allowing for them to be viewed on the phone at the parent’s own convenience, from the comfort of their home, or while on the go. The completion of each course includes a follow up phone call with a clinic representative. During this call we will answer any questions and offer further guidance when necessary; ensuring clarity and confidence in the retention and application of the information. Each course is not only aimed to present clear and credible information, but to also replace any confusion and doubt with comfort and confidence.

The state of one’s mindset has the potential to either empower or completely discourage an expecting mother walking into the unknown; there lies the integral part prenatal classes can play in one’s pregnancy following them through birth and into parenting. By taking advantage of the resources offered through such classes, a mother is able to take her thoughts and fears captive; while replacing them with a promising peace in what to expect and how to best prepare.