Online abortions and at-home abortions are performed with drugs ordered through the mail without medical supervision.

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The Abortion Pill with Medical Supervision

A medical abortion (also known as “the abortion pill”) uses two drugs to end a pregnancy and expel it from the uterus.

In an abortion performed under a doctor’s supervision, the first drug, mifepristone, is typically taken in a medical office. You may have screenings, such as an ultrasound before you begin the process to protect your health.

The purpose of mifepristone is to block progesterone, a hormone necessary to keep a pregnancy growing. It will cause the pregnancy to end.

The second drug, misoprostol, is usually taken at home hours or days later. It causes uterine contractions, which expel the contents of the uterus through abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding.

If anything goes wrong during the procedure, you would be able to contact the abortion provider to ask questions and receive follow-up treatment.

An online abortion or at-home abortion often does not have any medical supervision. A woman orders the pills online or through telehealth, and the provider sends the drug regimen to her home.

Is One Type Less Safe Than the Other?

There are at least three factors that make an online abortion less safe than one that begins in a medical office. These include:

1. The Timing of Taking Abortion Drugs Matters.

Under the care of a health professional, an ultrasound will most likely occur. This is crucial because the FDA only approves medical abortions through the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

Only an ultrasound can provide an accurate measurement of gestational age.

Taking the drugs beyond ten weeks is not advised. Keep in mind that if you order abortion drugs online, they may take days or weeks to arrive.

2. Drugs Ordered Over the Internet May Not Be Safe.

Just as the FDA does not recommend medical abortions over ten weeks, they also do not advise ordering the drugs online. The FDA can only guarantee the quality and safety of drugs within the legitimate U.S. supply chain.

There’s no way to verify the drugs received from illegitimate or overseas online pharmacies. You could obtain the wrong dosage or even a different drug without realizing it.

3. Medical Follow-Up Is Crucial.

The most critical reason to undergo any procedure under the supervision of a medical professional is to have help readily available should something go wrong.

Some of the risks of medical abortion include heavy bleeding and infection. It is crucial to be seen by your healthcare provider after an abortion to ensure it is complete without any complications.

What Should You Do If You Think You Are Pregnant?

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