Unplanned but chosen.  Unplanned does not mean life is over or that you’re without resources. Unplanned means a direction change and a new opportunity.  And what is unplanned is coming from a surprised perspective.  What may be a surprise to you can often be a blessing in disguise like the mystery in an unwrapped gift.  Is the gift what you want or what someone specially chose for you?  Either way we know to be grateful to the giver of gifts.  In the case of LIFE the Giver is God and your surprise is His chosen plan for you and your baby.  Every life has intrinsic value and a purpose to contribute to our world because of God’s design.   New life is always a gift and a unique and special blessing.  It’s not to be taken for granted, because we know there are many who experience infertility today and long for a baby.  A positive pregnancy test may cause fear to the uniformed but that can be remedied.  Information brings knowledge, peace of mind, and access to resources to support mom and baby.  An unopened package of resources needs a mom’s hands and courage to embrace the surprises of support that are inside.  These resources are available to those who pursue them and our clinic is especially designed to help moms be successful at getting them.  It’s not about the money but the willingness and diligence to care for the baby from the start.  Getting informed about doctors, a healthy lifestyle, baby supplies, baby development, delivery options, and more is needed.  Women are uniquely equipped to provide for the next generation and impact their world.  It’s up to women to rise to the challenge of bringing in new life and offering change to our world.  Come and visit our clinic and see for yourself. You were chosen for such a time as this to be a life changer. Don’t let fear steal your joy. Get informed.