Three Minutes

Three Minutes!

What can you do in three minutes?  I took to social media to see what tasks take such a short period of time, this is what they said.

  • Cook a 3 minute egg. (Soft boil?)
  • Saying something nice to someone.
  • Hand written note.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Water plants.Get the mail.
  • Microwave bacon.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Comb hair.
  • Make the bed.
  • Feed the dog/s

Here at our clinic, our pregnancy test takes three minutes for accurate results.  I am sure that if you are sweeping the floor, three minutes seam like no time at all.  But if you think you may be pregnant and you are alone, three minutes might feel like forever!  At Ramona Women’s Clinic, you do not have to be alone.  Our kind and compassionate volunteers can help you navigate the time spent here in a positive way, so you do not feel alone.  

Contact us to schedule your free pregnancy test.

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Tell A Friend

When a friend tells you she is pregnant, how can you be there for her?  

She tells you because she trust you.  She hopes that a conversation with you can help in someway.  Whether its to just get the words out or perhaps she thinks you have suggestions that can help.  It doesn’t matter why she told you, it just matters that you are there to hold her hand, to help in any way you can.  

So, how can you help?  

Tell her she has time to make life altering decisions.  Even though the timing might be hard and your friend isn’t ready to be a mom, she still has time to make decisions and taking the time to make choices will only yield more positive results.  A rash and rushed choice can easily turn into regret for decades.  

Listen to her.  She has fears and concerns.  A friend who listens is a friend who is helping.  

Tell her about us.  We can offer a free pregnancy test, limited OB ultrasound, true choices and a listening ear, free from judgment. We are caring, compassionate and everything we do is confidential.

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Never Forget How Capable You Are

There’s undoubtedly been moments in your life that you didn’t know how you would ever overcome. In that moment, those challenges might have seemed to collapse your framework of life, but despite odds being against your favor, you came out stronger than ever before. As a woman, you have surpassed many challenging experiences and come out the end of the tunnel with a new perspective. Whether a situation is unplanned, unexpected, or unwanted, you always find a way to overcome and push your way through. Don’t doubt that capability now in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. As individuals, we sometimes have an inability to see how far we have come, from taking our first step, to learning how to drive. We always find a way to push forward and achieve hard things in our lives. 

The easiest way to realize your power is to look back at how you dealt with those situations in the past. Most of us break down whatever process we must learn and apply the steps incrementally to learn and have growth. With motherhood, it is the same. Whether you’re afraid of what’s to come or lack confidence, you can always consider your feelings first and foremost before consulting anyone else. Sit and think about how having a child makes you feel and then vocalize fears or concerns with someone who you can trust that will provide insightful information. If you don’t feel like you have anyone who will listen or really want to help you, realize that you have all the power and resources you need at your disposal, as easy as a phone call away. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those you love. If someone won’t support you or lend a hand, just remember that there are many people out there that will gladly help. Resources are available, not only online, but in person as well.

Ramona Women’s Clinic is a place to talk about your pregnancy in an environment where there is no financial gain to be earned. This environment will allow you to process your feelings without pressure. Don’t ever forget there are always people who want to help you accomplish great things in your life and take back power into your own hands. You are more than capable and you can do this!

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Crazy 2020





How can I plan for 18 years of unknown, with 2020 being so crazy?!?  


Yes, the future is uncertain. One thing I can say is that 2021 will be different!  Different, how?  I don’t know!  I cannot predict the future!  If we knew what 2020 had in store for us, everyone would have stocked up on toiletries and paper towels the year before, making sure there would always be a supply for their family. The only thing I can say with certainty is that 2022 will again be different!  So why would 2020 be the year to have an abortion because things are so different?  


If you find yourself possibly pregnant during this unique year of 2020, I assure you that humanity will continue on. We will find the best of times at one point this year. Nine months is a long way away. At Ramona Women’s Clinic, our goal is to help you navigate those nine months and beyond. All services offered are at no cost to you and are 100{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} confidential.


It’s already been a very trying year for many people. We’ve all been on lockdown for months, with limited number of places to go, as well as people to visit with. People working from home or out of work, with anxiety about how to pay for things-and YOU may be in that very same boat.


But the great news is-We are still OPEN! Although we’ve had to make some changes these past few months-We’re still taking appointments, seeing clients, able to schedule ultrasounds, and have support group meetings (with modifications). Just as the rest of the world, we’re still getting “back to normal.” We’ve changed some day-to-day practices to keep you as safe from the Coronavirus as possible. During this time, you’ll need all the support, encouragement, and reassurance that you’re going to be OK. And remember, all our services are always FREE!


Please remember that you are not alone at this time- when an unexpected pregnancy might make you feel scared, anxious and all alone. We may be separated from our loved ones at times, but there are still many people who care for you-as quickly as a phone call away.


YOU have the power to make the rest of your 2020 a fantastic year (as well as 2021 & beyond). And remember-This too shall pass!


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Privacy Matters

Oh, no.

No, no, no.

This isn’t possible.

I can’t be… pregnant.

What am I going to do? I don’t know. What is everyone going to say? My head hurts. I need time to think. I need someone to talk to that isn’t family or a friend, with their own agendas. 

This thought process is probably very similar to your own if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy. We at the Ramona Women’s Clinic are here to help. Not only do we provide answers about your options, and services such as free pregnancy tests, but we also offer support without the worry of someone else finding out about your pregnancy until you are ready.

Confidentiality is a very important aspect of the Ramona Women’s Clinic. Privacy is so important at times such as this so that you can make the best informed decision without the added stress of unwanted input/judgement from friends and family. We at the Clinic strive to create an open, friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where you can receive caring support and experienced guidance in your current challenge or struggle.

Companionate, caring and confidential! That is what we are offering to you.  Contact us today for your free pregnancy test and unconditional support.

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Uncertain Times Call for Certain Measures

As a whole, the world seems to be surrounded in a blanket of fear, confusion, and sheer panic.  Most people are asked to stay home in order to hopefully minimize the spread of Covid-19, the Coronavirus. At a time like this, most of us feel uncertain and completely unsure of what will tomorrow be like. 


As an individual, life still marches forward. The many stresses in people’s lives have not gone away due to Covid-19’s presence. Among the more anxiety inducing of these stresses would be a pregnancy. Now, especially in times as chaotic as these, one of the last things a woman would want to be worried about is not only herself, but her unborn child’s health. Perhaps this fear of exposing yourself to the virus has driven you away from entering potentially contaminated areas like the store in order to buy a pregnancy test, especially with all the panic driven shoppers buying everything off the shelves. However, do not fear, help is still here and hope is not lost.


We at the Ramona Women’s Clinic are proud to say that we are still open and able to serve the needs of women in our community. In times like these, many are scared and would want to be certain about their current situation, especially a pregnancy. Our doors are open and even though we cannot offer a reassuring hug, we can offer a free, reassuring 99{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} accurate pregnancy test for you. We are taking every precaution we can, and are constantly following the new recommendations provided by the CDC to maintain a safe environment for you. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment today. 


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Plan C

Do you feel confident in your plan? How about a new plan?


Plan A…. Have sex. Did that plan include birth control or other forms of contraception? Did that plan succeed? In a national survey done by The Society for Women’s Health, it was found that 43{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} of 1,000 women across the U.S. become pregnant by accident, and about 50{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} of those pregnancies were caused by birth control failure.


Plan B… Also known as the “Morning after pill”, it is intended to be taken within 72 hours. This form of emergency contraception almost always invokes a negative reaction in the hormonal cycle, which can cause many adverse side effects. Even then, Plan B may not be an effective solution.


Sometimes, your Plan-A and Plan-B fail, or perhaps you simply didn’t plan to be in this situation and now you are onto Plan-C.


Plan C… Have an abortion. This can be effective in terminating a pregnancy, can cause negative responses throughout the body and/or mind. Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) affects 19{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} of women, and may cause grief, nightmares, anxiety, and irritability, even months after the procedure. Even worse, 10-30{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} of women experience some form of serious psychological problems, which can become developmentally very persistent. Physically, the body’s response can be uncontrollably painful. This method can easily cause more harm than good, and can quickly become a bad option for your health.


When Plans A, B, and C aren’t right for you, and you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, it is best not to make a hasty decision. During this important decision, you should surround yourself with people who want to uplift, educate and mentor you through this experience, all to give you the best outcome and the most resources.


This would be a good time to reach out to someone. Perhaps you cannot reach out to your best friend or family member, simply because they wouldn’t understand how Plans A, B and C aren’t for you. Or maybe someone you believed would be there for you just can’t help…


Reach out to us. There are options readily available to you to lovingly guide you.


Real choices with positive effects and empowering results are here and available to help.


“Embrace the unexpected. The things we never saw coming often take us to the places we never imagined we could go.”- Unknown



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Why You Need an Ultrasound Before Your Abortion

You might be thinking “I’ll just get this over with quickly, then I’ll be done with this problem.” But the truth is it’s not that simple? Some people may advise you that it’s fast, easy, and you’ll have no problems recuperating afterward.  But in all honesty, they are not disclosing the truth, nor giving you the “full story.” Don’t you think you have the right to know the whole truth BEFORE making your decision? What are they NOT telling you?  Or what may “THEY” not know?

First of all, did know you may not even need an abortion? Statistics show that somewhere between 20-25{909da48ad593815cb90f20faf8b9ea30c7655185ddd4210efebf3c3df1113258} of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage.   An ultrasound is a safe & painless way to help show you not only the (approximate) number of weeks you may be pregnant, but if this is even a viable pregnancy.

What does it mean if something is “viable”? According to Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, “The adjective ‘viable’ refers to something able to function properly and even grow. It is made up of the Latin root vita, which means ‘life,’ and the ending -able, which meansto be possible.’ “This basically means they are checking to verify that there is truly a life inside of you. The clinic, doctor, ultra-sonographer (person performing the ultrasound), nurses or other health professionals at the facility may or may not even tell you this. It is definitely not “just tissue!”

In addition, during your ultrasound, you have the right to SEE what the doctor or technician is visualizing on their screen. However, in some cases, professions may turn the monitor away, so you cannot see what they are looking at or doing on the screen. But you cannot just ignore it – this is happening right inside of YOU. It is absolutely your right-both morally and, in some states, legally for the practitioners to honor your request to “Show me”.

If you are far enough along, you may even be able to see or hear a heartbeat. Which begins to beat just 21 days after conception.  That is a very exhilarating experience! And even more exciting, you may also be able see organs forming or arms and legs moving about.  Did you know that by 40-45 days after conception all major organs have begun to develop?  What you are seeing is a new human life. Can you just imagine that?

Having an abortion is a major decision and it is imperative that you research your options and know all the facts prior to proceeding.  Ramona Women’s Clinic empowers women and couples to address the pressures that leave them feeling like abortion is their only option.  With support, many choose alternatives to abortion like parenting or adoption. We hope we’ve given you enough food for thought. And that you will have the courage to say “Show me!”

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Someone once said a crisis is “a decision not made.”

The dictionary on my “smart phone” defines crisis as (1) “a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or worse is determined; turning point.” Or (2) “a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life.”

If you are a teenager, crises come often and pass quickly—as an elderly person, crises are often dismissed as “This too shall pass.”

If you are facing an “un-planned pregnancy,” your decision making may be forced to be made in a “heartbeat” in some states and up to 9 months in others.

Here at Ramona Women’s Clinic, our loving and life-affirming staff will freely share the many options you have, so your “decision” will be the right one for you.

It is only a “Crisis” for a very short time. The decisions you make today may change the entire trajectory of your life – For better or for worse. Remember you are making an important decision that will affect the life of not ONLY you, but at least one other person! So choose wisely and think “long-term”.

Take heart, dear one. You will get through this crisis and not only strive, but THRIVE!

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Unplanned but Chosen

Unplanned but chosen.  Unplanned does not mean life is over or that you’re without resources. Unplanned means a direction change and a new opportunity.  And what is unplanned is coming from a surprised perspective.  What may be a surprise to you can often be a blessing in disguise like the mystery in an unwrapped gift.  Is the gift what you want or what someone specially chose for you?  Either way we know to be grateful to the giver of gifts.  In the case of LIFE the Giver is God and your surprise is His chosen plan for you and your baby.  Every life has intrinsic value and a purpose to contribute to our world because of God’s design.   New life is always a gift and a unique and special blessing.  It’s not to be taken for granted, because we know there are many who experience infertility today and long for a baby.  A positive pregnancy test may cause fear to the uniformed but that can be remedied.  Information brings knowledge, peace of mind, and access to resources to support mom and baby.  An unopened package of resources needs a mom’s hands and courage to embrace the surprises of support that are inside.  These resources are available to those who pursue them and our clinic is especially designed to help moms be successful at getting them.  It’s not about the money but the willingness and diligence to care for the baby from the start.  Getting informed about doctors, a healthy lifestyle, baby supplies, baby development, delivery options, and more is needed.  Women are uniquely equipped to provide for the next generation and impact their world.  It’s up to women to rise to the challenge of bringing in new life and offering change to our world.  Come and visit our clinic and see for yourself. You were chosen for such a time as this to be a life changer. Don’t let fear steal your joy. Get informed.

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