STDs During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy is an exciting but also critical period in the life of both the mother and the developing child. This time brings joy and anticipation but also carries responsibilities and potential challenges that require careful attention. Proper care, vigilance, and knowledge about potential risks are vital to ensure a healthy pregnancy. One area that often gets overlooked but can have significant consequences is the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Many may not realize that STDs can profoundly affect pregnancy, leading to complications for both the mother and baby. Understanding these risks, recognizing symptoms, and seeking timely treatment and preventive measures are crucial aspects of prenatal care. This blog will delve deeper into several common STDs that can affect pregnancy, highlighting the importance of regular screenings, available treatments, preventative measures, and safe practices. By shedding light on this important topic, we hope to empower expectant mothers with the information and resources needed to navigate this complex aspect of pregnancy with confidence and care.

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Honoring Breastfeeding Awareness Month

The wonder of breastfeeding is a process that perfectly depicts the intention in God’s flawless design.

·       The maternal powers are not merely instinctual but in fact physical.

·       Our bodies are able to produce an ever-changing source of nutrients specifically tailored to the current needs of our baby.

If that doesn’t leave you breathlessly in awe of the maternal design, I don’t know what will. Understandably when you’re engorged and milk soaked at 2 am, it’s a little harder to appreciate, but a gift nonetheless.

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The Italics That Should be in Every Birth Plan 

Whether you’ve spent hours meticulously mapping out your birth plan, or yours simply consists of the word “EPIDURAL”, there are three truths and reminders that should be italicised and included in each birth plan.


  1. Labor is unpredictable

This truth cannot be emphasized enough. Not only is every labor experience different from the next, but your experience may differ from the one you’ve come to expect through your nine months of anticipation. As much as we all want our labor to go according to our expectations, with minimal surprises, very rarely will our experience perfectly reflect that which we’ve been imagining. Often our preconceived expectations can inhibit our experience and mindset if we allow ourselves to be consumed by disappointment when reality doesn’t perfectly align with said expectations. This is why the unpredictability of labor should be expected and accounted for in each birth plan. Even if your plan relies simply on an epidural; sometimes epidurals fail, only work on one side, or you arrive at the hospital and are too far along to even receive an epidural. Such unpredictability can be expected in each and every labor experience.

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What to Expect in the Four Trimesters

It’s common knowledge to understand a pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, and is divided into three trimesters; however it’s less common to understand what each stage of one’s pregnancy signifies and means until one finds themself neck deep in symptoms and google searches. So let’s briefly explore each trimester and their significance to you and baby.


First Trimester: weeks 5-14

While your body is battling morning sickness and experiencing fatigue like you’ve never known; your baby is busy developing from the size of a poppy seed to that of an orange while growing and constantly maturing their major organs. Not only is your body creating an entirely new human from scratch, but you’re also growing an entirely new organ of your own known as the placenta which will become your baby’s lifeline in the second trimester, but until then your body is expelling all of its energy towards providing a hospitable environment for so much growth… no wonder you feel drained!

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Telling Your Partner About an Unplanned Pregnancy

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be overwhelming, especially if the pregnancy is unplanned. One of the biggest decisions you’ll face is telling the baby’s father about the pregnancy. You’re not alone in this situation and you should know that you have options and resources available to you. Below you will find some tips and encouragement for telling the baby’s father about your pregnancy and navigating your situation.

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Navigating Your Journey: Sharing Your Pregnancy News with Your Church Community

Discovering you’re pregnant, especially when unplanned, can prompt a whirlwind of emotions. It can be particularly daunting when you’re preparing to share this news with your church community, a group often intertwined with shared values, support, and love. Here at Ramona Women’s Clinic, we respect that your faith and church community are integral parts of your life, and we’re here to guide you through this journey with understanding, compassion, and practical advice.

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Sharing Your Pregnancy with Your Friends and School: Practical Tips and Advice

Becoming pregnant while in high school or college can seem overwhelming, as you find yourself at the intersection of your personal life and educational career. Along with the complexity of your own emotions, you might also be uncertain about how to share the news with your friends and academic community. Here at Ramona Women’s Clinic, we understand the difficulties you may be facing. That’s why we’re offering some practical tips and guidance to help you navigate this challenging time.

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pregnant woman

Choosing to Document and Savor Each Moment

Whether a pregnancy was unplanned or highly hoped for, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the whirlwind of checklists and to-do’s from the first trimester through delivery; without taking the time to cherish, document, and savor this sweet period of time. The most important factor in switching one’s mindset, is to embrace this nine month journey as a blessing; and though life-changing, the changes this child will bring will include joy, hope, and love that will fill a life more immensely then can even be fully understood until one experiences it personally. Though the belly grows externally for all to see, pregnancy is a very intimate experience; one that requires internal growth and strength.

Let us encourage you to embrace this time and actively choose to cherish each stage and milestone while they last; because truly the days are long but the weeks go fast. Despite the morning sickness, swelling, and mood swings; you will eventually find yourself missing the sweet intimate moments of pregnancy, but thankful for any documentation you have to reminisce upon.

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